Can I Ask You a Question?

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Here you’re going to practice using all the question words that you know. Have a look at the vocabulary box below, make sure you know all the words and then try the quizzes.

Forming questions

Questions are formed by placing the auxiliary in front of the subject. A question without a question word is called a closed question :

Do you like pizza?

Open questions use question words:

When did you see Tom?

If your question is in the PRESENT SIMPLE or the PAST SIMPLE, and it uses the verb TO BE, we replace DO/DOES/DID with the correct for of TO BE:

Why are you so happy?
(not « Why do you are so happy? »)

When were you on holiday? 
(not « When did you were on holiday. »)

Question words

Where … ? – Ask for a place 
When … ?
– Ask for a time 
Why … ?
– Ask for a reason 
How many … ?
– Ask for a countable quantity 
How much … ?
– Ask for an uncountable quantity 
How long … ? – Ask for a duration of time, or a length 
Who … ?
– Ask for a person