Playing with Words

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In this lesson we’re going to look at four different types of words, we’re also going to look at prononciation of simple words. Have fun with the quizzes below!

Different types of words

Let’s look at four different word types:

  • Nouns

These are things, people or ideas.

My friend Joey is an actor.

He’s got a cat.

  • Adjectives

These are words that describe nouns.

He’s a smart man.

His films are great!

  • Verbs

These are actions or states.

He tries so hard.

He’s acted in lots of films.

  • Adverbs

These are words that describe verbs or adjectives.

He studies his lines carefully.

He’s a really good friend.

Phonetic sounds

Listen to the sets of three words, and try to repeat them with the correct prononciation.

Symbol Vocabulary
/ʊ/ good – stood – wood
/uː/ food – mood – rude
/e/ bread – read (past) – said
/iː/ greed – read (present) – seed
/eɪ/ maid – paid – played
/ʌ/ done – sun – won
/oʊ/ bone – phone – zone
/ɪə/ dear – hear – near
/eə/ bear – dare – wear
/ɜː/ clerk – perk – work
/ɔː/ fork – pork – walk