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In this lesson we’re going to look at time expressions and which tenses you can use them with. We’re also going to look at some lesser-known English colloquialisms. Have fun with the quizzes!

Time expressions

Let’s have a look at some time expressions that we can use with different tenses.

  • The Present Simple

Frequency adverbs (always, never…)

  • The Past Simple

when …
in …
… ago
the other day/week
during + event
for …
frequency adverbs

  • The Present Perfect Simple

for …
since …

  • The Future

in a fortnight’s time
during …
for …


In written informal English, we tend to use lots of colloquialisms. Here are a few examples:

kind of = quite
cos = because
loads = lots
miss you like crazy = I miss you a lot 

rubbish = terrible / annoying
cool / awesome = great
knackered = tired