Using Synonyms

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Another very important method of avoiding repetition is to use synonyms. Have a look at the lesson below and take the quizzes when you are ready.

Using synonyms

If you have to repeat a word, and you are unable to use the other two techniques that we’ve looked at, you may have to use a synonym. Here are a few examples:

She shouted at me to stop, and yelled some more when I didn’t.

During the argument I told her I didn’t want to fight any more.

He’s rich, probably the wealthiest in town.

Synonyms vocabulary

trust (v) = have faith
skilled (adj) = accomplished
persuade (v) = convince
lie (v) = mislead
scared (adj) = terrified

whirlpool (n) = maelstrom
shy (adj) = bashful
exposed (adj) = debunked
cut (v) = cleave
beautiful (adj) = gorgeous

abundance (n) = plethora
demanding (adj) = exigent
correct (v) = ammend
quaint (adj) = old-fashioned
praise (v) = glorify

philanthropic (adj) = charitable
travesty (n) = catastrophe
immobile (adj) = static
ephemeral (adj) = short-lived